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Episode 3

Published on:

5th Feb 2021

The Problem With Broken People

Broken People Don't Want to Suffer Alone, They Are Always Recruiting

I dodge interactions with broken people because I don’t enjoy emotional high jack. You can never do enough to “fix “ broken people.


Good evening and welcome to my humble podcast abode. I am Cocoa Griot, just a 50 something who loves to talk about love, life, and a host of other stuff. Thank you for joining me this evening. If you have ever watched glass ever break, sometimes there are so many pieces, it's hard to believe that object was ever whole. It's totally unrecognizable. It might be easy to spot broken glass and avoid but spotting broken people can be adifficult task. I spent years engaging with broken people that were emotionally shattered. There are some common characteristics of broken people I want to share with you for a few moments tonight. And remember, I won't keep you long, but my goal is to help you stay strpng. I don't know about you, but I learned that fail is an acronym for first attempt in learning. Failure is a teacher that delivers memorable lessons. Broken people, do not take failure well at all. They don't view failure as an opportunity to try a different strategy that leads to success. Remember, if you fail, that meant you had the courage to try. Failure is final for broken people, it reinforces a false narrative that they are inferior to others.


One of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with a broken person is how they go from zero to ziggity boom. You can think everything is fine and all of a sudden, they are over emoting on a situation that's really not that big of a deal. When you're around this person enough, you will find yourself walking on eggshells. You watch your speech and actions to the point you are not able to just be yourself. They are holding you hostage because of their reactions. You always have to provide the broken person with reassurance. They are constantly needing you to tell them you love them, and how much you do. It does not matter how much you show them through your actions. You have to constantly tell them. This persistent bugging you makes you not want to love them at all. This is draining you emotionally, and you don't have the strength to continue in a situation like this for very long. In this respect, the broken person is an emotional vampire. If you let them drain every ounce of your energy, they're just gonna say it was your fault.


The last way broken people can be problematic is by their inability to trust. You always have to explain and prove yourself to broken people. They cannot get over hurt from past trauma, and you can't fill that void in for them. It is not easy for them to allow someone into their inner circle. If you believe the person is worth it, buckle up for the struggle, because there will be struggle. If you don't want or need this excess stress, you may want to avoid getting involved with a broken person. My inner drive to help people made me stay in a relationship with a broken person. And I remember one time someone said people like milk come with expiration dates. You wouldn't keep a carton of milk in your fridge, past the time that it was usable. But we do this with people all the time in our lives.


And I was a perfect candidate to attract this broken person. I really believe that people in helping positions are targets for broken people. They are sometimes drawn to the possibility you can save them from themselves. Woe be on to you when you don't. They become bitter and angry. Today I steer clear of broken people. I am going to reiterate, as I have told many of my friends. You can do the Lord's work, but you cannot do God's job. There are therapists and other licensed professionals who can make a difference in the lives of people who are scarred by trauma. My hope is that I said a few things this evening to equip you with the knowledge, about a situation that I recommend you avoid. At the end of the day, you know your capacity to handle stress, and it is your choice to get involved, or stay with a broken person. I don't want a man who is riddled with holes. I prefer a man that is whole. Thanks for listening, and as always, I wish you good health, good fortune, and goodnight. Cocoa Griot out!

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